Changing Colors Poem

Seduce me i touch you, you're making me bleed.

This poem is about how fast people change their feelings now a days, one day they’re all in love and the next they don’t even know you exist. We don’t appreciate what we have until is gone so my thought for the day is. If you have someone you care for hold on to them because you never know how much you will miss then when they’re gone and true love is rare so when you find it cherish it❤️

Where did we end up
As the wind blew us apart
All a sudden I looked
And I can’t find your heart

We held on for as long
As we could resist
When I reached for you
Your hands turned into a fist

In the hour of the darkest sun
Is the coldest autumn
Before we froze all that we become
We’re changing colors
We’re changing us
We’re changing love.

And like a blanket I wrap you
Inside of my arms
Pretty rose I have found
Where you keep all your thorns
Seduce me I touch you
You’re making me bleed
I don’t know if you’ll be here
When autumn leaves. .

- Slonely Poet